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Who Runs the World.......GIRLS

Pink Hope – Mothers Day High Tea.

A few of the Lifestyle Collective girls recently put their best pink on to join in with a local charity group PINK HOPE. The high tea event was to raise some money for a great local cause as well as sipping on some delicious mimosas.

Krystal Barter founded PINK HOPE, a local Northern Beaches girl who had the unfortunate history of cancer affecting her mother and grandmother. At the tender age of 22 Krystal discovered she had the BRCA gene fault. At the time there was little to no information or support for women with the gene fault. Krystal says “Having experienced the isolation and lack of information for high-risk women like me, I decided to be proactive about helping others which lead to me creating Pink Hope. I have made it my personal mission to provide information, resources and support for the high-risk community.”

Jess from HOME DESIGN & CO introduced the women of the collective to the foundation. “I have been involved in a number of PINK HOPE events. This event was a fun one that I got to share with family and close friends. I have been on my own personal journey the last few years and I find it comforting and inspiring to be surrounded by other women on their own personal paths. With PINK HOPE it is all about the women involved and giving them the power back."

Krystal says: “Knowledge is power, a gift. Something many generations before us never had. Whatever proactive approach or option you choose to take on your journey, always remember, Pink Hope is here to support you.”